Sleep Apnea

Snoring may be amusing to some, but for those who live with sleep apnea, it can be far from a joke. Snoring can affect your quality of sleep, and it can disturb other people in your household. While not all snoring is a sign of a serious condition, you may be suffering from a condition known as Obstructive Sleep Apnea, or OSA. This condition can be dangerous if left undiagnosed and untreated, and can greatly reduce your quality of life.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sleep Apnea

What can sleep apnea cause?

Sleep apnea is linked to many different conditions, which can include:

  • GERD, or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease.
  • A decrease in libido, and impotence.
  • High blood pressure, which can lead to heart attack or stroke
  • Changes in mood, including depression and irritability

    sleep-apnea-02These problems can occur for a number of reasons, but they are primarily linked to the lack of oxygen that reaches the bloodstream as a result of the obstruction the condition causes. Aside from those listed above, sleep apnea can also lead to a decrease in mental focus, as well as an increase in fatigue and drowsiness due to constant interruptions in the body’s natural sleep cycles. One, or many, of these symptoms can occur in those who have sleep apnea without their awareness, but once the condition is confirmed, it is important to seek treatment right away.


Who usually suffers from sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a condition which can affect people who are overweight, have high blood pressure, possess deformities in the nose or throat, or who have a neck wider than 16 inches. Some sleep apnea sufferers can also inherit the condition genetically.

I don’t snore, so am I safe?

Yes and no. While people who snore do have sleep apnea, there’s a condition that’s called “silent apneic,” which refers to those who have sleep apnea without snoring. If you’re suffering from any of the above symptoms, but don’t snore, you may want to be examined for this condition, if only to rule it out of the possible causes.

sleep-apnea-03Diagnosis and Treatment

Dr Will Burghardt and the team at LuxeSmile offer special examinations and top treatment for those who suffer from sleep apnea, who suspect that OSA is affecting their quality of life. As a general health and quality of life solution, Dr. Burghardt’s OSA treatment is aimed at providing patients with  the best level of comfort while they sleep, and confidence in getting a good night’s rest while reducing or even eliminating the symptoms and side effects that OSA can cause.

A sleep test will be required for any patient who suffers from sleep apnea, so that our team can assess what type of sleep apnea you may suffer from, and what the best solution will be. While some doctors may use the “Pulse-Ox” test to assess your health, LuxeSmile uses a much more involved and accurate testing procedure to determine whether or not you are suffering from OSA. Proper diagnosis and treatment could be key in both stopping the current effects that OSA is having on your life, and preventing serious medical concerns like a stroke or a heart attack from occurring in your future as a result of your condition.

Costs and Solutions

As with our dental care services, LuxeSmile works with many patients that have many different budgets. It’s good to know that there are an increasing number of medical insurance plans which can provide coverage for the examination and oral appliances that you need for obstructive sleep apnea, but we work hard to keep prices low on our end as well.

We also provide patients in the Boston, MA , Marshfield and south shore areas with a no-cost, no-obligation free home sleep study consultation, so that you can find out whether or not you need treatment without worrying about what it may cost you. We do this for patients of every age and income level, because OSA can affect anyone at any time. Regardless of your current weight, health history, or family history, it’s important to know whether or not OSA is something that you need to be concerned about.

We work with both new OSA patients and those who suffer with long term OSA, and provide the right options for treatment to make sure that you’re getting the highest quality of sleep that you can. At LuxeSmile, our mission is to make sure your nights are quiet, relaxing, and most importantly, safe.

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